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Quoting a member's post? If you think a post or thread is a troll The new, consolidated, Paying for Dates thread 1 2 3 4 General online and other dating discussion 1 2 3 4 Stephanie , 5th October 9: Do I still have a chance with her? Guy gets you on the hook, then pulls away.

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But you initiate and he says yes. You'll never forget your first ghosting 1 2.

Dating a combat veteran, strangest behavior. LenaBean94 , Today 7: Love has found me again. Targetlock , Today 6: GF talking to other guys, should I be worried? Jordvn , 17th January 6: Worried it won't go anywhere?

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Morris17 , Today 7: How to let a guy [assist] me. Boyfriend ask for space how long should girlfriend wait? Curiousroxy86 , Today 5: Also keep in mind a lot of people on those free apps are looking for a quick thing and likely have been around town and back-- protect yourself and your health.

Aside from the online, choose venues what matches your interest. I've met people in bookstores before and have had a few dates that didn't really lead anywhere, but it was an experience. MmeChaotic , Apr 12, May 9, Jan 11, The best thing you can do is make money, forget about women, and just do anything that doesn't involve having sex with used up goods aka women that ride the cock carousel when they're young.

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Watch out when you're older, they're gonna prey on you for support. Feb 1, Paladinrja , Feb 1, Mar 10, Going over this thread again makes me sad. Online dating went nowhere. I got very few matches and found myself talking with women I had no real interest in just for practice, before deciding that was a very shitty idea and breaking contact. Mar 12, Deathstardom , Mar 12, Mar 18, Aug 28, Messages: Aug 27, Quietangel , Aug 27, John Gray explains what this can do to a relationship!

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You've dated for 3 years, lived together for 1 of them and are really beginning to wonder if this man of your dreams, your soul mate, is ever going to pop the big question. Certainly the two of you have discussed marriage. Yet lately every time you bring up the subject, it ultimately gets shrugged off as a "great idea" and you are left wondering if the relationship is ever going to move out of this exclusive, yet, not-quite-committed stage.

Learn if he's ready to move toward exclusivity, the third stage of dating.

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Where did he go? Is he gone for good or is this just a time-out?

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