Dating dunhill tobacco tins

Hope this helps on helping date the newer stuff. One of the premier pipe tobacco companies in the world should have an orderly system of tracking their inventory. I'm certainly not holding either of you to blame, but I will ask you both to fall on your swords for bearing the bad news. Missed you in KC this year, Pipestud.

You were a real mensch when we met last year and I'll never forget that. I think I can be of assistance.


Orlik made the later Dunhill tins as Pipestud says. And Orlik has a dating system. On the back besides the barcode you see a digit code and a 4-digit code. With my tin this is: That means the 8th day of the month. What the rest of the digits mean, no idea..

Dating Dunhill Tobacco Tins

The 4 digit number is an internal batch number I guess. But this tin comes from March 8th Fnord - Per your request, I did fall forward and tried to land on my sword, but my aim was bad and I missed myself. I'll be back next year and hope we connect. Howdy protestantpiper - Yes sir, that would be me.

She smiled and said, "That's great honey. Maybe you'll finally be a stud at something. Looking at the back of a tin of Elizabethan and one of Royal Yacht, they both say 61 as the first digit. They were not packed in Foggy, you made the same mistake I did. Don't look at the numbers under the UPC.

Look at the numbers to the left of the UPC. I'm bumping this thread since I've got a question about a Dunhill tin that doesn't correspond with the answers given above. Problem is, there are no numbers to the left of the UPC on this tin; there are numbers to the right:.

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That's it--anyone want to venture a guess? I would love to think it was made in that's four years of cellaring!!

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But based on Arno's description above neither number makes any sense. And, wasn't Elizabethan reintroduced after ? But if it was tinned by Orlik wouldn't it read STG? As far as the date codes, we don't publish the code system, but there are more than just dates in that number. There's a product code, manufacturing machine number, etc. I don't understand why Lane Ltd. I can see why you would want to keep the specifics about Product Codes, Manufacturing Numbers, Machines, etc.

Would help us folks tremendously down the road to find the vintages we like. I also heard Lane distributed Escudo in the past. Well that's more like it Thanks for the import, Leonard! discussions: Dunhill tobacco tin dating?

Any clue on if Escudo will finally be available in sizes larger than 50g? Might as well ask while I have you here, lol. I'd really like to know why the date of manufacture isn't displayed on every tin, pouch and bulk bag -- the same wy some prominent blenders, such as G. Pease and McClelland do. I just can't phantom and am very curious to know why anyone in the business would find it other than totally advantageous to date their products. Well, you are welcome to pass on the request for a larger size bulk?

I had some Escudo this morning. I want an 8oz tin!

I don't know how many grams that is, but I want it. I have a tin which is dated to my birth date and every year on my birthday, I smoke a coin If only they had made 8oz tins back then! It would last me a lifetime! On the left of the barcode, there's a long series of numbers -- YY, DD, MM and then the other four digits used for some unknown purpose. They both have the same amount of numbers, so could it be they use the same system? I couldn't find any info on the current Dunhill date codes, but sure, it's quite possible.

It would make sense that Dunhill would have a code if the Escudo has a code. What are the odds that they both have those sets of numbers on their tins and one is and one isn't? May 8th, UTC. Collection of 7 tobacco vintage tins. What pipe tobacco has a comparable nicotine content to irish flake or.

Insane chase completed Mr. Snuff is selling SG pipe tobacco for This is a question we get asked a lot around the office: How do I date Dunhill tobacco tins? While the older offerings can be a bit tricky, weve.