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And how often would you visit those places on a weekday? Back when I was in Flushing, I visited the other boroughs about 1x a month. Any outing with co-workers stayed in Manhattan. The guy claimed that living in Hoboken gives you all the benefits of living in NYC, not just a shorter commute on your way to work. The subway from outer borough to outer borough are just as tedious given the vast majority of them route through Manhattan and weekend schedule blows.

Maybe you do miss out on the convenience of an easy subway ride home in some situations, but I've found that the majority of events are just as easy to commute to. Admittedly you don't get all the benefits, there are less delivery options for food in Hoboken for example.

I think living in Hoboken for a year or two when I was younger would have been fun, but I just view it as the resting ground for the year olds who want to get wasted and black out. Again not saying those things are bad but they are not for me. Plus I know everyone and their mother there. Depends on who you are.

I live in JSQ in JC because of I was aiming for under my 40x limit and didn't want roommates for my first apartment. Though Hoboken does have a bit more of a nightlife to my limited knowledge. How much are they making?

Cause I don't get the appeal of living in NYC w. I would move anyplace suitable for my work commute and has good value for my money. They claim Hoboken lacks "diversity" and is the resting ground for "bros".

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There are plenty of annoying bros here. Particularly college dudes from the depths of NJ.

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I used to be one of them. As it relates to this, I will remind you of Newton's Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. On average, will you want to bring these girls home to mom, or hold in-depth conversations with them over coffee? Probably not I forgot you don't like coffee.

But if you like sex with females, perhaps the downside of bro-ishness is somewhat mitigated. You also need to ask yourself if you'd rather deal with annoying bros - or self-important elitist snobs who think their city is the "greatest in the world"? Pick your poison, as NYC has stereotypes too: Yeah - it's mostly white people in their 20s.

I think the biggest downside as it relates to "diversity", which most people fail to mention, is that the market responds to the demand of the populace something white people. On average, Hoboken is culturally sterile. We don't have a K-town, China town, etc. Everything is a sports bar.

You just have to look a little harder than NYC.

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Luckily you won't have to walk too far since Hoboken is only a square mile. As it relates to our "lack of diversity", I will say you'll feel much safer walking home at night than in NYC. White dudes named "Brax" and "Atticus" just aren't scary. We only have one homeless person, and he is usually peacefully asleep in the park. He skillfully patrols the streets and keeps us safe. See video here for conclusive evidence: I don't think I've said one complimentary thing about Hoboken yet, and I actually do love the place.

I think I enjoy it more for what it "is not" than for what it is. I've read a few comments here about the Path train not being reliable I'd love to know what their definition of reliable is? Certainly it can't be any of the nyc subways, which lead the world in unreliability. Perhaps the Path train doesn't run that frequently late at night on Friday and Saturday?

True- but at least it has a published schedule, and sticks to it. The train shows up when it is supposed to. Split an uber with some friends or something. It's not the end of the world. The west side commute is radically efficient ferry, or one Path stop. That can be shitty quite often traffic, waiting in lines for the bus, dealing [daily] with inoperable NYC subways , though it is manageable. Don't move somewhere just for the address. Your health, and quality of life do not give a shit about that. A big part of life is who you spend your time with, and how much time you have to spend.

In that regard, living with your friends and cutting down your commute time sounds like a no brainer to me. Yes, people will turn their nose up to you for living here. Don't be one of these people. When you encounter one of these people, just quietely smile knowing you aren't an idiot like them.

Or, perhaps you can try to convince them to the dark side Also the pizza is just way better in Hoboken than NYC This is an undisuptable fact. I expect no arguments from the peanut gallery on this. Living in Hoboken is really that bad, for some people. Did you live there? Almost everyone works in Manhattan, and in 20 years I didn't know anyone afraid of the city. Hoboken used to be the dangerous place to live. It sounds like you didn't make it more than two blocks from the Path.

Hoboken is now stroller moms, etc. For the record, I've lived in Brooklyn now for 5 years, as the wife would never leave Brooklyn. I have family members and friends that live, work, and have lived there in the past. People who live there like it because it is walkable and you have your own city life right there and you can still get to NYC pretty easily. Some of the downsides of living there is old infrastructure.

There are water main breaks constantly, pot holes, and generally not enough room for everyone. The train station has flooded out. If you are young and like to go to bars and out to eat, then it is good. There will be days if various festivals and pub crawls when the place is a shit show and loud and crazy AF. If that is your scene fine.

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If not, Hoboken may not be for you. The advice I got from my NJ friends is to just budget in the cross-river uber ride at least twice a month. You're going to be going out in Manhattan and late night PATH sounds good in theory, but in practice doesn't always work out. If the economics work out for you with the uber, then you're good. I think the question is do you want to center your social and dating life around the people who live Brooklyn or the people who live in Hoboken?