Dating someone to make your ex jealous

No, you should not answer that creepy 2am I miss you babe text. Also, I was your girlfriend, and in no way shape or form am i turning into your booty call. The ninth wonder of the social media world. Selfie that shit up. Then make sure to add some good times out with friends, videos of laughter and other guys to your story.

And DONT look at his story. Unless it is a series, then just look at the first two. Act like you barely recognize him. Even throw in a compliment! It will kill him. Be dramatic as to how long its been. Then, after you rudely text over his talking or through episodes of friends, politely kiss him goodbye and say that you have to be up early. Unless you can handle it.

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Being emotional is not a good look. You already know she is a rebound, but it still stings. I know it may sound manipulative and a little sleazy, but jealousy works wonders when it comes to attraction. You see, human beings are supposed to feel jealous when something they desire is in the hands of another person… and it makes that desirable object even more desirable. Let me put this another way. Have you ever wanted something so badly like a new cell phone? Once you got this new cell phone, you must have been pretty happy, right?

But after awhile, the sort of magic that made that cell phone so appealing slowly fades until one day… the cell phone is just another cell phone. But not say someone stole that cell phone from you. Suddenly, you probably want that cell phone back more than anything. This is what you want your ex boyfriend to feel for you when he hears about your new man. You want to tap into his primal instincts and just simply make him feel attracted to you. If you successfully accomplish this goal, getting him back should be a walk in the park. Instead, try and drop very subtle hints. Post pictures on social media of your life.

How To Make Your Ex Jealous - 17 Surefire Ways

Take a selfie while on a hike, post a picture while out with friends, and get someone to take a picture of you doing something you've never done before. When your ex sees these pictures, he will know you are living your life without him, and be jealous that you are still happy and doing awesome things. Enter your "me" phase. Since you are single now, focus on yourself. Don't mope around the house, waiting for your ex to call. Don't try to win him back.

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Don't try to contact him. Instead, make this time about you. Do things that make you happy. In the process of making yourself happy, you will make your ex jealous by doing things other than being sad you broke up. Plus, whether you are moping or going on your next adventure, word will get back to your ex. There's no better way to make him jealous than by not dwelling on him. Arrange fun outings that will take your mind off your breakup. Don't let being single keep you from a weekend getaway or a day trip somewhere new. Get out of the house and explore the area.

Sitting around eating ice cream and chocolate is not going to accomplish anything, except maybe an extra pounds. Instead of letting yourself go as you get over the breakup, get moving.

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Drop a few pounds and tone your body to make your ex jealous when he sees your improved physical shape. You can lift weights, go to classes, and get out of the house. You might even meet someone. If you don't want to join a gym, then get outside. Go running, take a hike, ride a bicycle, or go kayaking. Try any kind of physical activity. Exercise helps boost your confidence. When you accomplish even small goals, like running a mile or hiking a trail, it helps make you more confident. Confidence is definitely something you want to have to make your ex jealous.

Being a strong, confident individual is a cause for jealousy. Engaging in activities gets your mind off of the breakup, and exercise releases endorphins into your brain that help lift your mood. Give yourself a makeover. Breakups hit everyone's self-esteem hard. To help yourself feel attractive and confident, do something to pamper yourself. Buy a new pair of shoes. Buy a new outfit.

Go for simple changes instead of drastic. Don't go shave your head, pierce your tongue, or dye your hair blue because you are emotional. Instead, keep it small. Always look your best. Wherever you go, look your best.

Even if you only go to the grocery store or to the gym, make sure you are putting forward your best face. That doesn't mean you have to wear your best, but look presentable and attractive. Ask yourself before leaving the house, "Would I want my ex to see me in this?

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Show your ex what he is missing. Just because you're not over your breakup doesn't mean you can't date other people, especially if you keep it casual.

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You don't have to be looking for the perfect person. Instead, go out and have fun. When it gets back to your ex that you are dating someone, he will more than likely be jealous. Remember, the person you are dating has feelings, too. Instead, make sure he knows it's casual. Don't kiss him, and don't give him any reason to think it's more than it is. Act like you're fine. One key way to make your ex jealous is to not let on that you are upset. Even if you are heartbroken, pretend that you are good. Don't talk about the breakup, and don't let your ex see that you're sad.

Make your ex think that you don't care that the relationship has ended. Don't talk about the breakup on social media. Don't update your status or tweet about how you are sad, refrain from posting sad lyrics, and make sure you don't make cryptic posts.

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How To Make Your Ex Jealous (Based On Real Life Experiences)

Your ex may see this and think you are talking about the relationship. There's a line between being okay and over it and being fake happy. You want to seem genuine so as not to tip off your ex. Don't include your ex in your happiness.