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Yes, it says SELF-preserved, but once you date a Slytherin, you're theirs to worry about too in the good way: Ravenclaws would be a wonderful consideration when you wonder who you should date. For one, Ravenclaws are accepting. They'll accept you for who you are, and won't judge you based off any strange quality you posses.

They are also creative and original, so be prepared to try new things! And with their wisdom, you'll always have someone to go to for advice.

Hogwarts house dating compatibility

If you do date a Ravenclaw, you sure will have some fun while you learn in the process: As I mentioned earlier, Pottermore said Hufflepuffs a fantastic dating choice. Hufflepuffs are loyal, which is one of the greatest qualities you'd look for in a partner.

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If you sometimes go a bit crazy on a Hufflepuff, don't worry- their patientce amd tolerance for you will help them see the better in you. Hufflepuffs are kind and gentle, which is pretty much what everyone wants in a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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So if you date a Hufflepuff, congrats! You made a lovley choice. So now you've seen every house and good reasons to date someone from whatever one. It's up to you! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Woah I love this! I like Gryffindor more.

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This is spot on! I'm a Hufflepuff dating a Slytherin and it's worked out really good! Im so happy for you!!

  • An animal shelter sorted dogs into Hogwarts houses and, of course, there were lots of Hufflepuffs.
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  • 30 percent of respondents would be Hufflepuffs, which is no small number..
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Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. However, the sorting event got a doggy makeover with houses like Gryggindogs the brave ones , Hufflefluffs the loyal ones , Ravenpaws the smart ones and Slobberins the cunning ones.

According to ABC News , the dogs are sorted based on their interactions with their toys and each other. One of the "Hufflefluffs" from our Orlando shelter let Sadie borrow their scarf on this chilly day so she could go out and play!

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It's not surprising that the Florida shelter found out they host a lot of Hufflefluffs, which only makes sense. Let's face it, all cats are Slytherins.

jemojyqo.tk Once the dog is sorted, they are given their perspective color scarves and charts for potential adopters to view. The main takeaway of the sorting is to eliminate breed discrimination and look at dogs for who they truly are. This is Bambi in Orlando! She was sorted as a Gryffindor , which is pretty obvious by her daring wardrobe choice According to ABC News , the shelter has seen an increase in traffic and possibly sparked a bigger conversation about giving every dog, regardless of breed, a chance to have a family.