Not quite dating not quite 1 by catherine bybee

Enough that I checked into when the next in the series comes out.

Not Quite Dating (Not Quite, #1) by Catherine Bybee

Hope she does the next one in the series. View all 11 comments. May 09, Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: Torn here between 4. Rachel Gibson came to mind while I was reading this. Think fans of hers will like this story. Jessie struggles between what her heart wants and what she thinks she needs as her friendship with Jack evolves into love.

This bk had my full atention, I flew threw it a day. View all 5 comments. Dec 30, Crista rated it really liked it Shelves: Sometimes you read a book that, in that moment, fits the mood you're in perfectly.

This was definitely the case with Not Quite Dating. Lately I've been reading books with so much angst, drama, and emotion in them that it was nice to switch to something a little lighter in tone. Not Quite Dating is a sugary sweet, easy read that makes you feel good. It's straight romance, and refreshing in it's simplicity. Jack is a billionaire heir to a large hotel empire who is growing weary of gold digging women.

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Jessie is a single mother working the grave yard shift at a local diner who has a past littered with poor "men" choices. She has a knack for attracting dead beat guys, and she is convinced that she will not make that mistake again. The premise of this book is quite simple. Jack wants to hide his wealth and find a woman who wants him solely for himself and not his bank account. He decides to keep his real identity a secret and instead pose as a transient temp waiter. Jessie is sick of picking broke and unambitious playboys that leave at the drop of a hat. The next guy she falls for is going to be successful and have money in the bank.

The attraction between Jessie and Jack is immediate, but Jessie refuses to make the same mistake again. After making it clear that she has no intentions of dating Jack, the two decide to become friends. This "friendship" is brimming with sexual tension, and I loved how the author takes the time necessary to make this relationship feel believable.

Danny, Jessie's adorable 5 year old son also plays a large role in this story. There were so many "precious moments" with Danny that I honestly lost count. The relationship that develops between Jack and Danny seemed so real and authentic, that there were times I wanted Jessie to get a clue and acknowledge what was right in front of her face!

Not Quite Dating: Not Quite Series, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Not Quite Dating was a strong 4 star read until the secrets and lies dragged on for a bit too long. Other than that one tiny complaint, I absolutely adored this romantic "rags to riches" story. A copy of this book was provided by Amazon's Vine Program in exchange for an honest review! View all 9 comments. Estaba emocionada por comenzar esta lectura pero tambien tenia un poco de reservas, lo unico que habia leido de la autora era su saga The Weekday Brides y aunque fueron unos libros que me sorprendieron para bien, no sabia si seria un caso aislado o si realmente me gustaria todo lo que creara Catherine Bybee.

Reconozco que este libro no fue lo que esperaba, quizas No Exactamente Una Cita es el primer libro de la nueva serie de Catherine Bybee, llamada No Exactamente y nos presenta a Jack y Jessie.

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Reconozco que este libro no fue lo que esperaba, quizas porque esperaba que fuera mas parecido a su otra serie y la realidad es que no tienen demasiadas similitudes. Preveia que fuera una lectura ligera pero no tan ligera, senti que le falto sentimiento y un poco mas de profundidad, ademas no pude conectar del todo con la pareja protagonista, quizas porque en todo el transcurso del libro no llegamos a conocerlos realmente, solo lo basico, aun asi no es una lectura horrible, solo le falto un poco de Creo que le dare otra oportunidad y leere el siguiente, ademas es la historia de Katie y ella me gusto mucho.

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Dec 27, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: I had no expectations for this book. I just saw that it was an audible available on my Kindle Unlimited account and I went for it.


Yes, I can be very picky about what I read or listen on my Kindle because sometimes the recommendations can be quite ridiculous. However, I really liked this book and I was really happy that I got to listen to it while I was at work today. Not Quite Dating was a really cute romance novel. I loved both characters, Jack and Jessie, and I definitely fell in love with lit I had no expectations for this book. I loved both characters, Jack and Jessie, and I definitely fell in love with little Danny.

I didn't hate or feel annoyed by any characters - other than the narrator making Jack sound like such a hillbilly. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next book. I also kind of want a love like Jessie and Jack's but without the whole lying thing I'll accept all the loving though. Feb 09, Scott-robert Shenkman rated it really liked it. The fun is in getting to the ending. And this book is fun.

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A lot of fun. Jessie and Jack are extremely likeable, cool characters and you have to root for them. Is there lying going on? So no biggie, right?

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Oh, just read it and figure it out. Dec 06, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: He sets his eye on someone who admittedly is only interested in a man with money, says to himself "hey, I like this one"? Plus with all the lying, I'm done. The stars I gave this one are for how much I enjoyed Bybee's writing.

It's reminiscent of Laura Florand's and was very enjoyable to read. View all 4 comments. Jan 07, KatLynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 16, Leslie rated it really liked it. Heartwarming, cute novel that had me smiling until the last line. On to book 2 in the series! This book was really sweet. So far it is safe to say that I have loved every book I have read by Catherine Bybee. You know that her characters are going to have a good attractions with pits and falls before fully coming into the romance and a brilliant feel good ending.

Jessie is a young mum who works long hours late at night as a waitress in order that she can spend her daylight hours with her son in order that he doesn't miss out. Her younger sister lives with them rent free in order that she al This book was really sweet. Her younger sister lives with them rent free in order that she also helps with her son. Money is tight and she often has to juggle her funds to the penny and would love to fall in love and marry a rich man to provide more stability in her sons life.

She wants her son to have the best he can.