South park matchmaking

South park matchmaking

Currently I am stuck at pvp 10 because I lose at least 6 times before I win. The problem I run into, is playing against players who are multiple levels higher than me, th7s they have higher lvl cards. At lower levels, rank doesn't determine difficulty level nearly as much as player level. If that was taken into account, matchmaking at the lower levels wouldn't be so onesided. Reply Share this post. I'm having the same issue. I can get to level 8 on some stages. But then it gets too hard. So now I have to rely on free packs and hoping I get some doofus on the other end of a pvp battle.

I think they are hoping for this because at this point, you will be considering whether or not you should buy your way through now. And I'm sure they are hoping that you do.

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As a f2p player, your best bet is to grind it out and accept this level of difficulty. If this email address is not valid, or you no longer have access to it, you can update your account details at https: In order to be more efficient in your search, in what forum do you want to search?


Reply Share this post. Great Stuff Can't wait to hear more about those Legendary rewards! That all sounds great! I hope when you say "teams friendly" that includes smaller teams too, not just teams that have a ton of members. Small teams love the game and support it too, even if some of us have trouble making it to double digit membership!

ThatDarnSteve Ok this is a step in the right direction looking forward to the full implementation. Do you have a general approximation on moving the Cheat vulnerable parts of PVP to server side where it is protected? Time frame is a bit Vague.

Matchmaking - Video Clip | South Park Studios UK & Ireland

Would appreciate a bit more transparency on this. Given the amount of time this issue has existed where we were told Trollbane would fix this issue which it clearly didn't, and lack of response to that inquiry we kept saying it didnt work but no one would come out to acknowledge that we were right and that you folks would be working on a new solution a lot of time has passed and due to lack of communication or acknowledgement you folks have lost a lot of trust.

The length of time it took for you folks to finally respond to what we have been trying to say the whole time that Trolbane doesn't work and that it needs to be moved server side.

  1. how do you hook up an electrical switch!
  2. Matchmaking based on level and rank!
  3. ?
  4. Does not give the feeling that Improving this element of the game is our absolute top priority, as it truly is the heart and soul of Phone Destroyer. That trust is going to have to be earned with more transparency and owning up to mistakes that were made. We definitely do not want another we will be working on this soon to have another 6 months go by with no effective resolution or even a single reply to our statements that Trollbane wasn't working in the first place.

    You folks need to follow up on you claims and promises, you folks said that Buck was brought to the team to answer our questions yet in the forums where we ask questions we do not get replies, so how can you say someone is brought on to answer our questions and then not have follow through.

    Also Steve for the Multi Theme deck issue rather than the current fix you folks are proposing, where people can still use the bug could you guys maybe just remove the random deck function till you come up with a complete fix? No one is really going to miss It and it is how the bug gets used in the first place. While we appreciate you folks announcing that you will be working on it and soon and its top priority we have all heard that before so please follow though on this and communicate with us along the way. Cause saying you will do something soon and making us wait six month before addressing our questions about a failed system but worse not answering our questions the whole time is really unacceptable. So I hope this new reach out will have some follow through and you folks will communicate along the way and actually answer some of our questions when we ask in official announcement at the official forums.

    Great Stuff

    Cheers Ty I hope you reply to some of these questions either here or on reddit. Saying that you care and just answering a few convenient questions does not show communications you need to come out and answer some of the hard ones. Do you want to keep losing people slowly or do you want to come and actually talk to us and answer some of the legitimate concerns?

    Will the broken matchmaking ever be fixed?

    Cause if you want to keep some of the people that are upset from leaving and you want some of the many people who have already left to return it's gonna take some ownership of lack of communication in the past and some effort of communicating in the present and future. Cause vague dates and promises were given before by you with no follow though after a long period with no reprocess to our questions. So if you folks truly care as you say you do how about a bit more transparency and communication. Maybe start with answering some of the questions I ask here which is almost exactly what I asked you at reddit.

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